Along with providing training, Play Therapy Northern Territory can also provide some specialist equipment to assist play therapists.

Brandy’s BOA (Bag of Air)

Brandy is a Play Therapist who studied at the University of North Texas. She found cheap blow up punch dolls were just not up to the punishment of thumb_boa36daily use and decided to create this highly durable punching bag.

Available in two sizes, 36″ (915 mm) and 42″ (1065 mm).

  • 36″ (915 mm) = $340 + P&H (generally national shipping¬†is approx¬†$25)
  • 48″ (1065 mm) = $370 + P&H (generally national shipping is approx $25)
  • Small White BOA = $360 + P&H (generally national shipping is approx $25)
  • Large White BOA = $390 + P&H (generally national shipping is approx $25)

Play Therapy Northern Territory is the official Australian authorized sale’s representative for Brandy’s BOA’s. Inside the quality grade, soft nylon cover is a professional strength inflatable bag. The bag is self righting and will return to vertical after being hit.

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